Sunday, October 29, 2006

Don't Leave Me Hanging On The Telephone

"Oh, hiiiii Carol. No, I'm not doing anything. How ARE you? Oh, great! How's Howard and the kids? That's nice! Things are good here! Yes, we just bought a new car, a Dodge Rambler. Jerry? He's fine. Yeah, he likes his job. What's that? I can't hear you...oh, that's better. No, after the last one I just decided I couldn't use that freezer after that. Yes, that's right. Well, we can't have the neighbours telling tales, you know? I mean, if my grandma were in there and then I stuck some pork chops in after Jerry was done with her, and I found out I'd be the first one to complain, you know? Nooooo, no one came to that last one except the widow and boy, she makes an apple crumble that you would not believe. Did you go to the Fensters' dinner party last weekend? We couldn't make it...well, Jerry had that emergency to deal with and I had to stay home with Ruthie. Pity they found him in all that leather and ribbon and stuff, although I sort of wondered about that guy, he seemed a little different. Ick. Say, want to go with me to the supermarket tomorrow? There's a sale on Swanson's frozen peas and I have triple coupons! Oh, good! We'll drop off the kids at the roller rink first thing in the morning! See ya then!"

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