Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nice Potholders, Babycakes!

Gayle loved to bake, but she loved potholders more than anything else she owned. She spent hours weaving them on her Loopin' Loom. Potholders for her neighbours. Potholders for her cherished celebrities. For the milkman, the postman, the fire chief and the bordello madame. There was nary a person Gayle encountered who would not eventually be the recipient of one of her brightly-coloured woven masterpieces.
One day, Gayle got the bright idea of incorporating her life's passion into her personal fashion regime, and thus, the Pocketholders were born. She tried selling the idea to several designers in hope for some spare cash to buy some more weaving loops, but unfortunately Louis Vuitton shunned her and even more whimsical designers like Betsey Johnson rolled their eyes at her and told her to go burn herself.

But Gayle triumphed in the end. She started her own line of aprons which are now selling out in fine outlet retail chains across the nation.

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