Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey Vern, It's Urn-Est

"Actually, yes, I do NEED to stand this way, especially when displaying my late chow-chow's ashes. Poor Robespierre The Third! He was such a good puppykins. Anyway, yes, I have to counterbalance the weight of my hairdo and the only way I can do that without snapping my lower vertebrae is to lean back like this. I keep telling Antoine to use less spray in it, but you know how hairdressers and their LEGENDARY TEMPERAMENTS. I'm fortunate he hasn't turned it FUSCHIA like he did with Karen on Verandah Drive! Do you know Karen? SHE IS A PILL! Ooh, careful, that lid is a little tricky. Should I put Robespierre's ashes on the mantle with Al's golf trophy, or is that too gauche??? I could JUST KILL for a mai-tai, couldn't you?"

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