Friday, June 23, 2006

The Lyin' Witch, And Her Questionable Wardrobe

Okay, so like, you're the Snow Queen, or really, a White Witch, but whatever. And you're like, living in a land that is always winter but never Christmas, and then this kid comes barrelling into your universe out of nowhere through this freaking closet thing, and you're all, "hey kid, have some Turkish Delight!" thinking he'll be like, watching his calories and take one piece? But he keeps eating it 'cause he's a freaking HOG, and then all this stuff happens and you end up killing this lion that's kind of like Jesus but furrier and with like, an English accent that's totally hott but totally creepy because how many lions that freakin' talk do YOU know!?? Hell-LO? Like none? Except this one?
This is totally what you're wearing when all of this shit goes down!!!!!

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