Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Crystal was the most adventurous of our narcotics-addled college group.

Me, I liked pot, and lots of it. Had a few run-ins with the fuzz, but nothing a fine or some community service couldn't fix. Besides, I liked mopping.

Brad was more of a junk and scag fiend and ended up dropping out of dental school, despite a pretty good GPA.

Tessa, well, absinthe was her vice - she had a Russian boyfriend who smuggled it in every time he went home (which was frequently).

But Crystal? MAN. She was worse than all of us put together. What a SOLDIER. She'd smoke anything you put in front of her. Opium, Comet cleanser, baking soda, PCP, crack, lightbulbs.


slskenyon said...

I think "lightbulbs" is the most frightening category you list, although, I must ask if this was tried, perhaps, after having lit up other substances.

Celia Pleete said...

I dunno! Crystal was pretty adventurous!

Kat said...

She looks electrified man.

Lois said...

"How many dumb blondes does it take to light a bulb?

Two--one to hold the bulb and the other to strike the match."


Jeremy said...

I'm up to a pack a day!