Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There's A Pleasin' Sense of Happiness For Me

Hey, I'm Dana, and I want to tell you that my pro-ana blog community has really made my life great. We talk about how delicious air is, and how elegant a protruding sternum looks in a low-cut evening gown, and how having a menstrual cycle was annoying anyway. I am up to a point now where I can put dimes in the spaces of my ribcage. It's a pretty cool trick at the pool. Oh and my hair? Extensions. It was falling out from malnutrition, but the nice part is that with hair help, I can look even more like my idol Karen Carpenter. I've lost 40 pounds with the ipecac diet, and only have a few more to go before I can get a part on Desperate Housewives. That fat cow Teri Hatcher better watch out!"


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I bet she can wrap her own hands around her waist...twice.