Saturday, July 29, 2006

Artistry In Red Heart

Lindsey wowed the art world when she started showing up to festivals dressed as the subjects of her yarn "paintings."
"There goes the flower lady!" they'd say in hushed awe when she breezed into the gallery with coordinating shawls. Part two-dimensional master, part avant-garde performance artist, Lindsey was a bona-fide star.

They featured her in the Whitney Biennial show. Karl Lagerfeld claimed that his new fall lineup was inspired by Lindsey and the American afghan. She soon became a one-word entity, like "Madonna," "Cher," or "Satan."

The champagne would flow freely into her celebratory chalice; suitors were never far away; and art students everywhere followed her antics in ArtNews every month.

It was when Lindsey started dabbling in yarn nudes that her fame began to wane.

"She might as well just be painting dogs playing poker," someone yawned during her last exhibit opening.

C.M. Coolidge took note.

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Lois said...

"Wait till you see my matching crocheted pillows, afghans, and sofa slip-covers. Well, there was a two-for-one sale on Red Heart yarn at K-mart, and they only had these colors left by the time I got there. NO, I couldn't pass them up, they were on SALE! DUH!"