Friday, July 21, 2006

The Amazing Technicolour Dream Skirt

Sadie was difficult all her life. As a child, she constantly carried around an old blanket that she had found in her grandmother's attic. She couldn't part with it. Not at the grocery store, not at the playground, not even at the dentist's office. Years of therapy proved useless - Sadie simply could not let go of her blanket. She said it made her feel comfortable and safe, despite the constant taunts and teases from her schoolmates.
Although her blanket fetish followed her into adulthood, Sadie did manage to make her obsession somewhat more discreet. She purchased a used Singer machine at a local pawn shop and crafted herself a glorious skirt.
Unfortunately, she had a difficult time finding OTHER garments to wear, once she had crossed this threshold.

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Lois said...

Idea #213 of "Things To Do With Your Leftover Red Heart Yarn".