Friday, June 23, 2006

The Yin & The Yang Of Jerkins

Tanya and Mitch (two aspiring actors from Passaic, NJ) were an inseparable pair. Whereever Mitch went, Tanya followed...and vice versa. The same went for their clothing - they got a real kick out of dressing alike! Whether it was the His-'N-Hers Bowling Nights (where they wore matching shirts from Foster's Laundry Service), or matching golf shirts, or matching sweaters from Mitch's mom (an accomplished knitter) or even matching interview suits - they always came charging in the same uniform!
One day, Tanya got a call from her agent saying that there was going to be open casting for a role in a Shakespeare production of "Taming of the Shrew." She eagerly called Mitch at work and got him to take off for the afternoon.

They showed up together at the Roxy Theatre, clad in these uproarious outtfits - and got the parts out of sheer GUTS and CHUTZPAH! Unfortunately, the show closed after 3 showings, but Tanya and Mitch are still wearing matching jerkins!

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