Friday, June 23, 2006

Secret Conversation In The Yard

"...Oh Judy, aren't key parties A RIOT? I can't remember when I had such a fun time."
"I know - your face was SO PRECIOUS when I saw you draw out George Jamison's name - a hilarious mixture of shock, awe, and absolute terror."
"Well, you know his reputation about town..."
"I know, his wife says she's been hiding the decanter. But SHE got Fred Gibbons! What do you think happened THERE?"
"Fred? You mean Walrus Face? I shudder to think!"
"So tell me, Wanda...I'm DYING to know...what was MY husband like?"
"Well, I can see where all that complaining over the years has come...."
"HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! So...that means, next party I'm forking our keys to Debbie Jamison?"
"But what's Debbie done to you? Oh, right...BAD TUPPERWARE. I say, go for it!"

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