Thursday, June 22, 2006

Seven Or Eleven, Snake Eyes Watching You...

In an amazing coincidence of ridiculous ideas, mischevious puppeteers from opposite sides of the Atlantic independently thrill audiences with a common theme: puppets dancing to Motörhead's classic song Ace of Spades. What inspired them? Was it Lemmy's primal growl? Was it the frenetic drumming of Mikkey Dee? Let us examine further.

In the United Kingdom, a lone bow-tied chap creates a soundstage with modified Ken dolls which rock out (with groupies). A hearty feat indeed, considering he gets them all to believeably perform with all the fury of the real Motörhead.

In the United States, two bored people get out an alligator head, a stuffed moose dressed like a RCMP officer, and a plastic gorilla in a thong. Although cruder, more abstract, and more passive in nature, the surrealist Canadian discothéque approach also proves comedic.

How was the conclusion that puppets should be digging Motörhead's Ace of Spades mutually reached by complete strangers? Can any mathematicians (this means YOU, Stephen Hawking!!) out there explain this puzzling phenomenon? Does this mean a ripple in the time-space continuum or merely that there are ridiculous Motörhead fans out there in higher numbers than previously expected?

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