Monday, May 08, 2006

Strangers In The Knit

INNER MONOLOGUE, WOMAN: "I should have known eHarmony was going to find me my match. I mean, that Dr. Neil on TV during my soap opera seemed like he was happy and in love. I knew I deserved the same. I never thought eHarmony would bring me the man of my dreams, a real hunk like Lance here...a man who likes whimsical sweater vests. Frankly, I found it even weirder that I also found a man who likes wide-wale corduroy trousers. Is there anything cyberspace CAN'T do? Ooh. Wait. WHAT IS THAT PRESSING AGAINST MY ARM? GASP! Never mind, I kind of like it. But my arm??!!

INNER MONOLOGUE, MAN: I wonder if she'll trade me her sweater for a steamy night in my boudoir.

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