Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Conquering All Odds: A Miracle Story

You had to give Joanie credit...she was a real trouper. Despite the unfortunate mitre saw accident in her 7th grade shop class, her lack of forearms didn't stop her from becoming a master of crochet. Yes, you heard right. She learned how to crochet with her toes. After years of making potholders and halfhearted baby afghans, Joanie set her eyes on a real goal: a stylish granny shawl. After three years of sprained toes and nearly-shattered dreams, Joanie finished her shawl. Not only did she finish it, she wore it WITH PRIDE. That shawl didn't merely say, "fashion," or even "warmth." No, the shawl became Joanie's symbol of pride, of determination, and of three skeins of yarn. To this day, she wears it whereever she goes, defiant of the odds placed against her during that long-ago shop class.

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