Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Note From Miss Pleete.

Dear Madmen,

Mad Vortex hasn't been updated in a while because I fled the state and saw a bunch of dead jellyfish, then I went hipster-hunting in some North Philly dive bar with my friend Noah, ate a whole lot of frozen custard, saw my family and read some poetry about The Price Is Right, then came home and found my neighbors' sewage in my bathtub and had to move to a whole new apartment. Then I helped to free some starving bats, had my pet rabbit spayed, yelled at my landlord during Fox News, bought some cute shoes, spilled nachos on my new carpet, and saw the Goth Gigolo. (There's only one.) Also I'm working on the first Mad Vortex book! Buy it so I can leave my actual job and not have poop or bats in my apartment!! I'd really appreciate that!

We are in the works of planning a glorious update of Mad Vortex, although it might take a while - but I thought you might like to know anyway. We've made some really great friends over the past few years and have some sublime visitors. Continue being awesome people! Make me a well-known comedy writer! That's my DREAM! Well, it has been since I took that Second City class.

In the meantime, updates will continue as usual.

Goodnight and good luck!

Celia Pleete


Stripey Underpants said...

I will buy your book! Or at least skim through it in the bookstore while I'm killing time waiting for the bus.

Erica said...

I'll buy it too :) Need something to read when I'm out of wifi range...