Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gallery of Women Avoiding Being Kissed.

REASON: Hates birds.

REASON: Bad breath.

REASON: Swings for the other team.

REASON: Sociopath.

REASON: First cousin.

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Stripey Underpants said...

Notice how all of them are staring off into space, as if they're thinking of something else entirely.

1.) "I should sew a new tablecloth; the old one is looking tattered. And we need new rugs for the living room, and..."

2.) "Yes, Satan, you will have your sacrifice soon...very soon..."

3.) "He's cute, but Annabelle is a MUCH better kisser."

4.) "That joke Ted told me about the nun and the farmer was so funny! Perhaps I should tell it to Steven."

5.) "The doctor says I have ADHD, but that's ridicu...OH, LOOK! A butterfly!"