Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess What These Are Supposed To Be?

a) seaweed sculpture at fancy Japanese restaurant
b) renegade dust bunny
c) Cousin Itt's imbecile uncle

a) half-eaten bird attacked by wolverine
b) a dermoid
c) Big Bird Beyond Thunderdome

a) religious cult in soft sculpture doll form
b) something Aunt Rita made you and you'd better like it
c) a guilt-ridden reminder of your awful diet and attitude

a) Bonnie and Clyde, pre-rampage, in doll form
b) zombie killers waiting to spring upon you and feast upon your warm flesh
c) Camelot

a) a sad reminder of what happens when pennyroyal tea doesn't do the trick
b) what lurks in your septic tank
c) fibroids

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