Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hit Dolls

"Now, Dollies, this is what will happen. Santa will come down the fireplace tomorrow night with presents. You job is to guard the chimney, and be on the lookout for a sack full of toys. Bite the old man on his ankles, which should make him fall into the fire, and before the bag burns up, GRAB IT. Take the stockings that are hanging here and bind him up. There is no way in HELL that he's giving Dorothy that doll I asked for, and you must take every precaution possible to ensure this doesn't happen. Give the old bastard a black eye if you have to."


Marie Reed said...

Holy Crap!! This is amazing!!! I've been scrolling all morning. You are bonkers! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

This is not funny. Thank's to that infernal little girl and her devilish dolls, I got nothing this Christmas!