Friday, December 19, 2008

A Conversation On The Slopes (As Voiced By 9 Year Olds)

Ken: Hi. I'm skiing.
Barbie: Hi Ken.
Midge: Hi, I have on ice skates.
Ken: What are you doing up here in the Alps?
Barbie: I'm going shopping.
Midge: Me too. Like my dress?
Ken: I like skiing.
Barbie: I have on mittens. Linda's mom made them for me. She made Midge's sweater.
Midge: Yeah.
Ken: I'm going to ski in the Himalayas later on today. We learned about them in school.
Midge: I'm skating! Wheee!
Barbie: Let's have sex!
Ken: Okay. We did that yesterday.
Barbie: Yeah, it was fun!
Ken: Okay, when I'm done skiing in the Alps and the Himalayas we can have sex.
Midge: Can I have sex too?
Ken: Okay.
Midge: Yay!

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Weird eBay said...

I had dolls when I was nine, but I don't remember them having conversations like that.

I must have been doing it wrong.