Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Are Young, Yarn Ache To Yarn Ache We Stand!

You ARE young. You ARE hip. You ARE weighed down by forty pounds of periwinkle blue Red Heart yarn, a crocheted bag, one of those polyester mullet stretch wigs advertised in the back of Workbasket Magazine, orthopedic grandma shoes and a turtleneck.


Lidian said...

My then-middle-aged mother wore the same turtleneck in the 70s, and my 80-ish grandmother (in the 70s) wore the same far out she is - well, really OUT.

The weight of all that yarn, as you rightly say, is doing her no good at all.

Suzanne said...

Awesome title! I instantly envisioned Pat Benatar and background dancers shakin their shoulders in yarn costumes.

Lois said...

Omg, how DO you think up these caption titles? XD

"Young and hip," my ass. Those women are in their 30s, for Christ's sake!