Saturday, July 05, 2008

All Who Draw The Sword Will Die By The Sword

Okay, so I know a lot of Quakers and Amish people and through them I've pretty much concluded that Jesus was all about pacifism. He used a lot of parables to get his points across, but in general, Jesus was pretty much about patience and firmness, and not about kicking some roundhouse ass.
So, what the f*** is this Marvel Comics religious shit?


Suzanne said...

Oh Bibleman! Charles in Charge's sidekick played him just recently before he went to Celebrity Fit Club. What was that guys name again. You know Eight is Enough's, curly locked surfer dude?
I was at the playground with my kiddo and heard other kids playing superheroes, "Nuh uh, Jesus is to stronger than Superman! I'm Jesus and I can kill you!" I wish I could say JK on this one but alas it's true.

Lois said...

Hahahahahahaaha that's so lame.