Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Minute Hate

1984, a novel by George Orwell, is a tale of lusty, forbidden love trysts under the constant, watchful eye of Big Brother during the time of war with Oceania. It's a sordid story of lusty men in muscle shirts, come-hither women in low-cut overalls and heavy, heavy makeup, and the tearing-down of walls to expose the truth: a bisexual romance so powerful it kills. Jealousy trumps truth as Winston Smith's unrequited male lover scowls upon the seductive and perpetually horny Julia. Will this affair come to an end in a rat-filled cage?
It's hot, hot loving over the warehouse before the ultimate betrayal. But who does it may come as a surprise.

Do you love Big Brother? Or do you love-love Big Brother?


Lidian said...

What a great paperback cover! Funny, I don't remember 1984 being that kind of a year - I was in college, stumbling around, writing papers at 2 am on an electric typewriter (ooh, fancy technology!) and being in a state of romantic high dudgeon.

Sara Spock said...

I'm loving Little Brother right now, by Cory Doctrow. It has a decent and proper cover on it, unlike this filth!