Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blind Date: Rita

Meet Rita. Rita is a divorced mother of three, who's ready to get out there and find love again. She's been on the big three: eHarmony, Chemistry, and Match, but they keep pairing her up with guys who have LAN parties - and she likes her men athletic and soccer fanatics!
Rita is a real go-getting kinda gal - fun, spirited, and super into being a soccer mom. Her oldest, Timmy, has ADHD. Jenna, the middle girl, has ADD and separation anxiety disorder. The youngest, Erica, has OCD, ADHD and PDD. All of her kids are on Ritalin and/or Thorazine for their bigger issues, and in their spare time between pills they play soccer. Lots of soccer. Rita's big on making them play - it builds trust and also gives them structured environments. Rita loves her kids so much that she lets them play XBox if they get straight A's in science. Actually, Rita's looking more for a babysitter these days.

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