Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bigmouth Strikes Again

The following is an essay I wrote in Grade 6. I based these creatures on a boy who was my nemesis from grades 1-12. I spent a lot of time getting in fights with him and kicking his shins. Our 10th grade teacher swore we were like Tracy and Hepburn and would marry someday. She was wrong. I'm glad.

The Creatures From The Planet Weyman

The Weymanites are a tribe of creatures from Weyman, a newly-discovered planet very close to a black hole. The black hole has demolished their brains; they were like that ever since they figured out somehow to survive the black hole. They are stupid, with big mouths and horrible personalities, who talk nonstop. Anyone who gets near them either gets furious or unconscious. They think they know everything and their mouths resemble a large protractor. BEWARE OF THESE CREATURES!!!
For more information about these beings, call 1-800-WEYMAN4.

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