Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Domo Arigato, Miss Roboto

She wasn't QUITE perfect, but she was about 80% there. A few minor touches up would do the trick.
God, she was beautiful. Herbert stood back with pride. His own Mia Farrow Robot. So lovely, so...anatomically correct. He couldn't wait to give the Mia Farrow Robot a "spin," if you get my drift.
Ugh, but there was the matter of that head problem. He must have measured something wrong along the way. It was just a couple of millimeters, but it meant the difference between a secured head and one that had to be held to the rest of the body by a monogrammed scarf. Something disconcerting about having relations with a headless robot. But Herbert was just desperate enough to decide that the scarf was a necessary evil until that glue was in stock again at the hobby shop.

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