Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heir To The Throne

It was no secret that Josie Drysdale was the biggest slut in the village, and lumber heir Tom Fielding got suckered into marrying her when she faked a pregnancy. Tom was so stupid he thought babies came from the cabbage patch. "They do!" she said. She had found one under a leaf, she said. She had to marry the first man she saw after the blessed event. Poor Tom had never even kissed Josie Drysdale. Indeed, after a childhood ushered away in the "asylum," Tom didn't know much of anything. He couldn't even read or do simple arithmetic. But an heir was an heir, and Tom was entitled to millions when his old man passed on. A simple man, Tom Fielding...but give him a Play-Doh Fun Factory and he was occupied for hours. And Josie would never tell him the truth about the cabbage patch!
But white on her wedding day? Absolutely disgusting.

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