Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bathroom Cozy

I have a friend named Sarah Knouse, who has actually furnished The Mad Vortex with many photographs of demented knitting pattern models. For this we are most grateful. (This is also a woman who has made functional rugs and coats out of human hair.)
All semester she's been working on this crazy-ass project where she makes cozies for everything. Not just tea cozies, but also cozies for her bicycle, assorted household objects, and even her entire bathroom. See Exhibit A.

Sarah had a lot of help on the bathroom cozy and supplied people with plenty of caffeinated beverages, refined sugar products, and pizza. It truly was a community effort of gargantuan proportions, as we all filtered in and out of her sculpture studio, weaving Red Heart yarn in and out of a spray-painted cage. And now she is finished, her bathroom and bicycle completely outfitted, and she's leaving us soon for The Big Apple.
So, to congratulate Sarah for her behemoth efforts and insanity, I bequeath to her this for her graduation.

It's a Graduate Cozy.

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Lois said...

Shouldn't there be a cozy on the toilet lid?