Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Whispering Down The Lane

"So, Tarquin...did you hear about Mitzi? She was seen talking to a...a Negro the other day. RIGHT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!"
"You don't say...! Wow, that's never happened here before in Wonderbread Falls!"
"I knew there was something weird about her when she moved here and started talking to the Jewish kid, what's his name?"
"Yes, that's it. What a weird name. I'm so glad I'm a WASP. So much easier than having to go around drinking from the bad fountains and wearing those weird beanie things!"
"Is that what they're called?"
"Gert...there's something I need to confess..."
"OH MY STARS! You're not one of those....Jewish people, are you?"
"No, I'm gay."
"And I am happy, too! Get a load of the dago coming up the street. I'll bet Mitzi talks to him next."

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