Friday, November 17, 2006


Princess Growlers was a fierce leader - she ruled her land with an iron paw, ate only freshly-killed groundhog upon a golden platter, demanded her subjects pay her tithes (aka dead birds) and insisted on being brushed with an ivory-handled comb. Some may have considered Princess Growlers a tyrant, but she considered her throne a divine gift from birth. Peasants and the hoi polloi called her the "Moon Queen." No one was sure why, but they probably had a good reason.

Princess Growlers was not a very easily entertained spaniel...she had fired (rather, executed) her loyal jester, Muffin, by feeding him antifreeze. Her reign of tyranny was brought to a sudden stop when a terrifying monster - a Golden Retriever/Bee hybrid, forded the moat and fatally stung Princess Growlers.

The sun shone brightly that day when freedom suddenly rang through the land. They promptly crowned Bee Dog the royal sovereign. Bells pealed their sweet, sweet music, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

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