Thursday, November 16, 2006

He Said "Captain," I Said "Blah!"

O! Captain, my Captain!
Many of you may know Captain Sensible as the brilliant bassist for The Damned, his acting prowess as spokesperson for Weetabix and Random Band Showing Up In The Young Ones' Living Room, and his awesome solo music career. I'm proud to say Captain Sensible is a close personal friend of mine because of a Myspace mishap, whereupon I took his name before he joined up and he was forced to use something else. Oh well, he has more friends than I do, so I guess it all worked out in the end. He's a super nice guy, though, and he appreciates a good Photoshop prank.
Now our Captain is a rising political star in Britain. If you're sick of current British politics, you may consider joining the Blah! Party. I joined, even though I don't live in Britain nor have I been there (yet). This is because the Blah! Party endorses TRUE democracy - accepting even non-British citizens!
The Mad Vortex fully supports Captain Sensible's motive for political voice, no matter if you reside under the Crown or under the Cowboy Hat.
Go Ray!

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