Sunday, November 05, 2006

Are You A Hustler or a Dilly-Dallier?

Just to put a little perspective on this - this pamphlet was distributed in 1930.

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Lois said...

Is your hair styled as if your mom used a bowl as a trimming guide?

Are you stuck in your Sunday best suit for the duration of the day to impress your Aunt Betty, whom you haven't seen since last Christmas and who will probably pinch your cheeks and say, "My, how you have GROWN!" just like she does EVERY GODDAMNED TIME YOU SEE HER?

Do you dread becoming just like your dad in the next frame, gloomily regretting all the things he never accomplished and constantly reminding you that he sacrificed EVERYTHING to give you decent life and the least you can do is show a little appreciation by taking up accounting like he did?