Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wir Sind Die Roboter

To everyone's surprise, the machine worked like a charm. Success had come at last!
Soon every gentleman in Drayton Hills had a lovely lady on his arm. Sometimes, they had two or three!
Gina 303 was 25, slim, and liked shopping.
Lana 221 was 25, slim, and liked cooking.
Mimi 11 was 25, slim, and liked needlepoint.
All of them liked General Hospital and looking pretty and smelling good. They talked about sales at Macy's. They made iced tea and gelatin salads and didn't care. Not at all.
They were perfect in every way, just the way the men of Drayton Hills liked their ladies. No more independent thinking - so untrustworthy! So...threatening. No, these were women made the way women should have stayed - beautiful and sweet, and forever in awe of their heroic golfers. Never more sarcasm, never more vindiction, never more wage gap, questioning, suspicion, rage, fury, jealousy, cellulite, fallen arches or stretch marks.
What a beautiful world indeed.

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Lois said...

Polly, Penny, and Patty smiled charmingly and exchanged knowing glances. Soon, the triplets thought....soon Roger would be the main attraction at their birthday banquet...but not quite in the way that he expected.