Monday, October 23, 2006

Skis, Please!

Kiki was what they called a "snow bunny." The winds of autumn were barely reaching freezing temperatures when the old urges came back, calling her to the slopes; to zip down their sides like a jackrabbit on fire. Pa-ZOW!
Unfortunately, Kiki had an addiction to blonde hair dye, and she'd peroxided her hair one too many times. The last treatment, which had gone bad, left her with significant brain damage - causing her to confuse "skis" with "her children."
That year's Christmas card picture definitely confused Kiki's family. Her husband, Mitch, aware of her condition, had whisked the kids to Aunt Chelsea's for a quiet respite, and Kiki pathetically convinced the photographer that Julie and Krissy were right there, dressed in their finest blue, thinner than last year but still beautiful in her unconditional love.


Anonymous said...

Those skis are mine BETCH

Lois said...

These skis cost 300 fucking dollars!