Saturday, October 21, 2006

Because Good Hygeine Is So Sissy.

The juxtaposition of this advert is very strange. First off, you have two half-naked pubescent ragamuffins running around in towels proclaiming their masculinity...then out of nowhere, at the bottom, there's this woman wondering why she wasn't kissed that night. BY WHOM? Presumably by one of the above apple-cheeked ragamuffins. Now, I'm not really that smart and I'm certainly myopic, but I can read people immediately, and this lady shouldn't be worried about her personal odour so much as why she is pining over those two obviously smitten lads in the towels. Smitten with each other, I must clarify. It's too bad I can't see more of the comic below (I didn't scan this one) but I AM SO CURIOUS.


Lois said...

I'm thinking the taller one is dad and the other one is his son...but that just makes it even creepier.

Anonymous said...

On Capitol Hill the honorable Mark Foley shares a refreshing shower with one of the pages in the Congressional "gym."

"Hey," says Mark, "who wants to play I dropped the soap?"
"Me," barks Jimmy the page, never one to be left out.