Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Baby Toupee and Gold Lame

If you know me, Celia Pleete, you know I like wigs. Any kind of wig. Rastafarian, geisha, pink beehive, you name it, I got it. (I used to work in a costume shop.) And I also like babies. Any kind of baby. Rastafarian, geisha, you name it. (I also used to babysit a lot.)

So you can guess how hard it was to contain my enthusiasm when I discovered that now THESE TWO COOL THINGS HAVE NOW COMBINED FORCES.

I bring you...Baby Toupée! Someday my imaginary, therapy-prone children will thank their falsely-tressed mother and say "Ma, thanks for the confidence booster. Yes, being Li'l Kim really made my pals at the playground jealous. Screw the booties, I had BABY WIGS!" Then they'd high-five me and I'd give them an understanding, motherly smile, knowing I made their infancy a little crazier, a little hairier. Because I speak from experience, my friends...I did not grow any hair until I was well into toddlerhood. I was bald as a cueball. And Fair Genetics is a vengeful creature.

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hrw115 said...

please god - make it stop. - hrw