Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ornamentally Challenged

"Don't we look smashing in our holiday festivity outfits?"
"Yes. Yes, we do. I am the tree."
"And I, your ornaments. See me twinkle with the spirit of Christmas!"
"See me, steadfast and true, a true Christmas miracle."
"I make children laugh with glee in anticipation for Santa's sleigh, filled to the brim with holiday cheer."
"And my branch makes a fine Yule Log to burn in the wintry frost of late December."
"We make a perfect team, don't we?"
"Yes, perfect."
"When is December, ye mighty pine?"
"In four months."


Kat said...

What happens if you put the 2 pieces together?

Tits McGee said...

That's just an abomination.