Friday, August 04, 2006

Ear's To You, Mrs Robinson

Chuck stood in the foyer of the theatre, waiting for his audition to begin. He had his heart set on playing Atticus Finch in the SV High musical production of To Kill A Mockingbird. He thought he'd wow the director with a heartfelt medley from the movie Dumbo. He'd worked out the hand movements pretty well: they'd make a believeable trunk if he waved back and forth in a fluid motion. Admittedly, Chuck had butterflies, especially having to audition after Ricky Rogers, who showed up in a multicoloured coat รก la Joseph, singing Any Dream Will Do in an earth-shattering alto. (Sure, Ricky's voice had never been the same after that time he accidentally ran into that sawhorse, but he still had a set of pipes on him!) Chuck's elephant would have to be really convincing.


Anita said...

He looks more like Gizmo. Or maybe even just a flat-out gremlin. Which is what he'll maybe turn into when he loses. So he can gore Ricky with his sharp little gremlin teeth.

Anonymous said...

Don't get him near water!