Monday, August 07, 2006

Do The Kite Thing

Jeremy had enough of the bullies' torments. He had given away his last milk money quarter, endured the last swirly, braved the last wedgie, nursed the last noogie, weathered the last Indian Rope Burn. He was gonna show them he didn't need to be bullied anymore! For Jeremy was going to be the NEXT KITE-FLYING CHAMPION OF RIVERSIDE JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH.

Winning that chemistry fair had served him well last year. He'd conquer physics next. He'd designed the best kite of all, and man, it was going to be amazing when Kenny Shannon and his bullying entourage discovered the kite's BEST feature.

He had the soap flakes and all he needed was to fill up his dad's gas can.

1 comment:

Lois said...

If any kid had worn an outfit like that at my school, I would have beat him up, too--and stolen his kite.