Saturday, July 22, 2006

Run, Run Away

Carl Lewis: one of America's greatest athletes. He won 10 Olympic medals (9 of them gold), 8 World Championship medals (all of them gold), and a bronze.
All that running got him thinking one day in 1987. "I've done so much in the athletic world...but I don't want to be typecast as a jock. I want people to know that I can sing, too. I can sing really well. I can be just as soulful as Marvin Gaye, I can have the same appeal as Teddy Pendergrass with the ladies. I just want a chance at STARDOM!!"
So Carl, on his morning sprint one day, ran straight to his friends' house. He burst in the door excitedly.
"I want to be a singer. Can you be my backup group?" he eagerly blurted out.
"Sure," they said. "What shall our band be called?"
"How about..."
Carl thought for a minute. Thunder rolled in the distance. It would rain soon.
"I have it!" he shouted. "Carl Lewis and the ELECTRIC STORM!!"

And so - one drum machine, 50 cans of Aqua Net, one extra-large pair of shades, and one wanton granny later - a sensation blew across the music world: fueled heavily by the sweet, strident crooning of Olympic champion Carl "It Was An Herbal Supplement!" Lewis.

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