Sunday, July 23, 2006

"I Gave You Life And Now I Can Take It Away!"

I saw this movie in junior high starring Diana Rigg called Mother Love. It was about a psychotic, murderous fiend of a woman who was sort of incestuously in love with her own son. She hated anything that got in the way of her relationship with "Kitten," including her daughter-in-law and even her own grandchildren. She ends up making delicious marzipan for them....and putting poison in it. It's one of the scariest freaking movies I've ever seen in my life. So scary, in fact, that I avoid the consumption of marzipan altogether.

But then I saw this photograph, and all my fears of marzipan (and indeed, all decorative confections) found a new terror unleashed.

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Lois said...

"Come, try these delicious Christmas cookies. I think you'll find the snowmen EXTRA special. Yes, very VERY VERY special."