Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Dear Little Darling:
It's your birthday. Do you know how proud you make me? THIS proud. I brag about you at all the PTA meetings. You're a smart girl! You can do your times tables up to eight and everything! Did you hear about the spelling bee? Yes, you made it into county finals! I'm busting my buttons with pride, Cupcake! Next we'll be driving you to Princeton in a beat-up Hummer and the dreams of academic brilliance shining like beacons from the heavens.
But let's take our time, shall we, sweetie? After all, you only turned 15 today. I got you this card. It symbolizes my amazement at your accomplishments. You're my sweet little girl, pure as sunshine, right as rain. I love you, honey. So here, have this card. I know, it has three of your veryfavourite things! Dolls, sparkles, and cabbage.
I knew it was for you the minute I saw it in the Russian grocery store.
Love always,
Mommie Dearest.

1 comment:

Lois said...

Dolls, sparkles, and cabbage! ^_^ Don't forget "pink"--lots and lots of pink.