Friday, July 28, 2006

A Dash Here, A Pinch There

A photograph creepily reminiscent of the (circa) 1594 painting Gabrielle d'Estrées and One Of Her Sisters. Now, according to my art history class, this painting (from the second school of Fontainebleu) signified the upcoming birth of an illegitimate child to Gabrielle d'Estrées by Henry IV, and her sister's announcement of the pregnancy by this odd gesture. (Personally, if my sister ever did that to me, I'd slap her so hard she'd have a mark on her face for a week.)
This photo?
It signifies the upcoming crappy Christmas present Aunt Tilda is going to knit for you: a KNITTED BATHING SUIT JUST LIKE THE ONES THOSE CUTE KIDS ARE WEARING IN THE PATTERN SHE PICKED UP AT THE BEN FRANKLIN STORE.


Beth said...

I have suffered many-a-Christmas's where my aunt has gone buck wild at the craft store (Jo-Ann Fabrics) and made me something. Indeed, the thought does count...but come on...make me something I can use, for chrissakes.

Lois said...

I remember that rocker-seesaw thing in kindergarten. I loved that thing, but nobody would play in it with me after that little incident involving an eighth of a tank of propane and some matches. Granted, it wasn't definitively linked to me, but you know how gossipy kindergarteners can be.