Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Book Review: "Class of '89 Sophomore" by Linda A. Cooney

"Class of '89 Sophomore" is best understood as a franchise follow-up to a very clever dèbut novel. Cooney shows off a great scholarly erudition and turns the 1980s' most celebrated foursome into an elite squad of high school wonder women. Page, who could have any gentleman she desires, lusts unrequitedly after Nick Rhodes. Micki, the overachieving class president, finds herself falling through a downward spiral of unpopularity and misery. Laurel's overbearing father prevents her from achieving her goals and debates whether it is wise to defy him. Bets, a friendly and goodhearted maiden, falls unrequitedly in love with the wrong man.
"Class of '89 Sophomore," with its convoluted plotting and insistence on giving Micki's character a multitasking nature, is entertainingly drawn...but Cooney overworks them to the point of confusion.
A most fitting story to tribute the trials and tribulations of high school existence.

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