Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Odd Squad

Ever wake up one day and think, "My mackinaw hat just isn't cutting it anymore. I need to be both fashionable AND practical in this freezing summer weather"? And so you beg your grandmother to make you whimsical hats that resemble those expensive hats you buy from a good milliner, and she gets a twinkle in her eye and says "I'll knit you up something really sassy!" And she makes you a hat that looks like Sam Snead's? And your Asian friend a striped knit Hershey Kiss? And her/your boyfriend gets the best hat...a textile homage to Tetris? The three of you go outside in your new hellish haberdashery and frighten off all the people in the park except the guy in the band shell covering Paul Anka's "She's Having My Baby"?

These people did.

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