Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Conversation In The Orchard

"Come, friends. Join me in celebration of our brand new sweaters. You, Jocelyn! Looking fiiiine, girl. I love those sassy lapels. The pseudo-Navajo design really gets my motor running.

Rita? Why so glum, girlfriend? I dig your sweater, too. Red's a good colour on you. That symbol on your sweater reminds me of the movie "Beastmaster." Ever see it? Yeah, really. I'm not just saying that sweater's hot on you because I have on bell-bottoms with a mile-long zipper. No, we can be all one happy sweater-wearing family. I dig cool ladies in cool styles. C'mere, Jocelyn. Stand next to me. I love your smile. What toothpaste are you using? Tom's of Maine. Cool. Me too.

Rita! Don't be so damn UPTIGHT! You need to relaaaaax. I've got something to calm you down in my back pocket. Just reach in there. Like my vest says, baby - BIRDS FLY OVER THE RAINBOW! Rrrowrrr. Now let's go down a couple of flagons of sparkling mead. RIGHTEOUS!"

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