Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book Review: "Kirk Cameron, Dream Guy" by Grace Catalano

Touted as being the "real story of America's #1 Heartthrob," Grace Catalano takes us on an inside journey of the life and wisdom of 'Growing Pains' star Kirk Cameron. We learn of his "twinking hazel eyes, baby-smooth skin, and the overall contour and configuration of his perfectly-shaped, flawless face." (Catalano, p. 2)
Catalano compares his teen-idol status favourably with Elvis, Bobby Sherman, and the Cassidy brothers, but reveals Cameron's 'soft side.' We learn of Cameron's likes (sports, music, science) and dislikes (chores and the Pritikin Diet).

We learn of the trials and tribulations of Kirk Cameron. Cameron, named for Captain Kirk of "Star Trek," had the childhood nickname of "Boo-Boo." He broke his arm skateboarding. On page 29, he reveals he is "shy around girls, especially if he likes them."

At age 14 Kirk Cameron landed the role of a lifetime as Mike Seaver on the hit TV show "Growing Pains." The popularity of the show changed his schedule at home. He could no longer eat dinner with his family every day.

Cameron cares about his fans. His mother started his fan club, where you can buy pillowcases and autographed pictures of the famous actor. He is the Campbell's Soup spokesteen. He is also involved in Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" program. He is opposed to smoking. He also found time for the Juvenile Diabetes Bike-a-Thon sponsored by McDonald's.

When asked what he is really like, Kirk Cameron blushes and says he's just a regular guy. Catalano effectively brings this across in her book, "Kirk Cameron, Dream Guy."

RATING: ****

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