Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Suffer, Little Children.

And suffering is the ONLY way to live. No one likes a whiner, Kid With Diptheria. Lie the hell down, look at this crucifix because sufferers don't get to ENJOY LIFE. You have to sit here and listen to your guardian angel's GUILT TRIP!!!!! Put that car down and listen to a story about JESUS who REALLY SUFFERED, HE had NAILS in his hands and COULDN'T BREATHE, and you only have diptheria! SO SUCK IT UP, BECAUSE HE SUFFERED FOR YOUR SINS, AND IT WAS REALLY BAD, AND YOU'RE JUST A PUSSY! A SINNING PUSSY! PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER SUFFER AS MUCH AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!


Emma Matthews said...

Love it!

Stripey Underpants said...

Not, "Ask him to heal you," but "Ask him to help you suffer without complaining." And that "him" looks like a "her." Is heaven filled with transvestite angels?