Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gallery of Questionable Bachelor Pads

"After a game of live chess, I like to get a little freaky on the sofa."

"I hear you're into voyeurism. Do you like the feeling of being watched? 'Cause the CBS Eye is watching you."

"Welcome to my grotto, how do you like your caveman?"

"Welcome to my outer space. Yes, I admit it...I'm a Trekkie."

"I'd like to see what you look like in leather. RED. Leather. Don't fight it, baby, you know you like it kinky."

"Did you know the ancients once held orgies in honour of Apollo the sun god?"

"And as you can see from my rug, I like to wrestle for the the bedroom and in the bear pen."

1 comment:

StripeyUnderpants said...

WHERE do you find these?? XD