Friday, December 12, 2008

The Wisdom of eBay.

December 31, 2007
By Jasper
I want to let everyone know that if you plan to make DVDs of your movies your computer needs to have a DVD Burner. It doesn't mention this in the description (nor anywhere on the Sony site) just says you can easily burn a DVD just by pushing a button on the Handycam Station. This is assuming you have a DVD burner in your computer. I'm having to take my computer in to have a burner will cost me about $70. For people who aren't that computer savvy...i thought you'd like to know.

R.R. says:
Well, how else would you burn DVDs if you didn't have a DVD burner? When you buy a toothbrush the instructions don't say you need to have teeth, but that's generally assumed. To burn DVDs, it's assumed you need to have a DVD burner. Or should the instructions also say you need to have a DVD player to view the DVDs you burn?

thanks to Jess for the link.

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Logan said...

Hmmm...never seen the Banana Operating System. I wonder if that's Mac or PC? Prob some weird version of Linux.