Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blind Date: Denise

Meet Denise. Denise is the second eldest of 11 kids. She never had any of her own; she instead lavishes her attention on her 11 cats, all named after herself and her siblings. Denise's favorite shows are her soaps, her "stories" on Lifetime, and often will spend long hours in the evenings chatting with the Quacker Factory lady on QVC (quack quack!). It's almost Christmas, and Denise is putting her finishing touches on the tree...the living room tree, that is. She has a tree in every room of her house, which happens to be a sprawling Victorian. Everything in her house is Victorian-themed, down to "the Rose Room," which is entirely covered in roses. Denise has a crafter's heart and a scrapbooker's zeal, and she's looking for a burly man who won't feel emasculated when he sits on the rose-upholstered Victorian sofa in the Main Hallway...so far, no luck.


Anonymous said...

I generally like your comments/perspective on things but I thought this one was kind of mean. Maybe you are having a bad day.

Celia Pleete said...

Where have you BEEN? When have I ever been nice?
(And yes, I was having a bad day.)