Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Avoid The Pad Vortex: Panel-Changer

They had been kept there for some time; their only outlet to the world through that of the Philco in the corner. They subsisted on a diet entirely of Bugles and Shasta, never seeing the light of day, and only entertaining a passing fancy here and there that Father really might know best. Father. Was there ever such a person? The clock ticked, ticked, ticked away the passing time...time? What did time mean anymore, beyond that which revolved around the Philco and what it brought into the panelled room?

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StripeyUnderpants said...

When Sarah decorated her home, it was neutral, neutral, neutral all the way. Color, she thought, was too extravagant and undignified. After a few years, she daringly incorporated a dark blue chair into the TV room, almost feeling guilty for being so bold. Pictures on the walls? Too ostentatious, and they would cover up the dark, brooding dignity of the wooden paneling.

Then one day, Sarah learned from a carnival fortune teller that she had been an Amish woman in her former life, and that explained a lot.